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trimoore Coached Adventure Swims

trimoore adventure swims offer you the opportunity to discover some of the South West's most beautiful locations and take part in an unforgettable swimming adventure. 

  • Saturday 16th July 2022

  • Saturday 30th July 2022

  • Saturday 10th Sept 2022

  • Registering interest


Leah Rogers - River Dart Swim

"Fantastic 10k swim down the Dart supported by trimoore coaching.
I have always wanted to do this swim but was reluctant to pay £100 to do it.
Trimoore coaching supplied the support & encouragement along with fuel on the way, Rob even gave us some of his precious "jelly worms".
Recommended anyone that wants to take the challenge to do it with Rob & Mike.
Thanks guys."

Gary Rogers - River Dart Swim

"Brilliant coaching. From a great couple of guys. Really know their stuff Had a great evening swim. Well organised. And very chilled approach"

Paul Wakely - River Dart Swim

"If you're thinking of trying a long beautiful swim that's well supported, look no further than the trimoore river dart swim!
Not only well supported by some friendly smiley faces but the venue is sublime....
Don't think twice trust me jump in!"

Ad Swim Contact

Rob Moore


Mike Griffin


Discover more about our trimoore coaches here

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