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trimoore Bantham Swim/Run

An exciting, beautiful and fun swim down the River Avon in Devon, with the added challenge of a 5.5km multi-terrain run/walk back to the start! The swim follows the course of the famous 'Bantham Swoosh', where the water is clear and swimmers have a view of the sandy bed most of the way.

Saturday 10th September - £45

Course Information

  • The swim will start from Averton Gifford (7:30AM)

  • Swimmers must attend a mandatory safety briefing (7:00AM)

  • The total distance of the swim is 6km, downstream with the current of the river

  • The swim finishes in Bantham where you will swap your swim gear for run gear

  • You will then run/walk 5.5km back to the starting point at Averton Gifford

What's included?

  • Support kayak and paddle-boards

  • Transport of your run kit to the end of the swim (Bantham)

  • Guided multi-terrain run/walk along the estuary

  • Transport of your swim kit back to the start (Averton Gifford)

What do I need?

  • Wetsuits and swimming hats are compulsory

  • You will also need a small bag to put your run kit in

Is this for me?

  • This is a very committing, yet achievable swim

  • Swimmers must be able to swim 5km of continous frontcrawl and complete 1500m in 35mins



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