trimoore Open Water Swimming

In partnership with Yonda wetsuits we offer 1 to 1 introduction to sea swimming in and around the stunning Devon coast and rivers. Both Rob and Mike are qualified Institute of Open Water coaches and will develop you to become confident open water swimmer .


We are also happy to work with those already happy in the sea environment to develop and improve your swimming and race tactics.

1:1 open water sessions are £30/hour with private group discount available.



Charlotte Hawkins (2018)

"Thanks very much to coach Rob for another open water swim lesson this morning. I learnt so much and Rob’s patient and calm approach really inspires confidence in the water. He spent time sorting out our breathing patterns so that we can confidently sight in open water and finally keep in a straight line! I would thoroughly recommend trimoore to anyone wishing to improve their open water skills in a supportive and relaxed environment. I am now really looking forward to my next open water race on Exmoor and the trimoore river Dart training swim in Sept."

Rebecca Aighton (2020)

“At the beginning of July 2020 I had my first sea swimming lesson with trimoore coaching. At that time, I struggled to swim even 10 strokes of front crawl without having to stop. However, fast forward a month and I had done my first adventure swim with them around Burgh Island. I could not have achieved this without their coaching in both 1:1 and group sessions with the Tri Hards. They provide just the right mix of professionalism, friendliness and fun and know how far to push you, to make the progress you need. Due to their support and coaching, I have developed a real love of open water swimming in a very short space of time and I have even signed up for a 10k swim next year! I cant wait to have more coaching sessions with them. Thank you.”

Sophie Smile (2020)

"The trimoore coaches were very good at making us feel calm, and rationalising worries about sea swimming with waves and jelly fish. I hadn’t swam past buoy 1 before at Exmouth and we nearly got to buoy 4, it was a great buzz and I shall continue pushing my swim comfort bubble." 

Marie Arymar (2020)

"trimoore coaching are a winning team. Their sea swim courses are fun, relaxed and completely focused on what each swimmer requires.
After three lessons, my front crawl is strong and efficient, plus I can swim in a straight line!
They are observant, knowledgable and inspiring with their swim stories. I’m booking up more courses and private sessions to keep perfecting my style in differing sea states."